It's Simple

1. Have a look around! Click on Projects or Players tab.
Check out the FAQ tab. Good information.

2. You will need to SIGN UP to contact a Player or a Project.
You can browse without creating a Project or Profile of your own.
However, we encourage you to make one; It's Free!

3. Just click on create project or create profile.
Fill out the form and upload the music you want to work with.
Or upload your demo music if you are a Player looking for work.
Do both if you want.

4. You've now created a new music project or player profile.
You can share either on your Facebook page.

5. You now have My Studio. Here you can upload and store your music files.
You can collaborate through our messaging system to create the perfect track.
Our system works with all music file types.

6. Once happy, a final track will be submitted, and paid for through paypal.

7. You can access My Studio without creating a Player profile or a Project.
Just sign in and click the My Studio for your messages.