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What is Session Logix?
Session Logix is a secure, interactive platform for serious musicians. You can connect with other musicians and get the tracks you need to complete a composition, or you can earn money supplying the tracks for other projects.

What makes Session Logix different?
We offer everything you need, and have a unique feature, called 'My Studio'. This is a secure, private space to work with your partners. We understand how important it is to have complete privacy.

What is 'My Studio'?
My Studio is your own private workspace/dashboard. Send, receive and store files. You can communicate with the players on your project. This is where you can download the finished products in the file type you specify and then pay for the completed work.

Can I check out the projects and player profiles already on the site without signing up?

How much will I pay for my track/tracks?
That is between you and the track provider.

So how does Session Logix make money?
We charge a small percentage to the track provider once the track is complete and everyone is happy.

Ok, what percentage is charged to the session player?
The track provider will pay 10% of the total amount charged to the project. No other fees are added.

Are there any hidden charges?

What about those pesky credit card fees?
No worries, we handle that on our end.

How do I pay?
Currently, we are only accepting payments through Paypal; However, we intend to expand our payment options in the future.

I was asked, in a message, to collaborate outside of this website, what should I do?
WARNING: If you are invited to work on your project outside of the Session Logix platform and you opt to do so, we will not be able to protect you from fraud or provide any assistance to you if something goes wrong. It is also totally against our policy.

Why is there a "Search" button on the project and player pages?
You can search by project name, type of instrument, genre, sub-genre and username.

I am a well known artist and I want to contribute to a project. Can I be anonymous?
Sure you can and we hope you will share your talents.

Can I invite someone I know to work with me using Session Logix?

I am a songwriter, publisher, producer, or music label; I want a safe, secure place to do business. Is that Session Logix?
Absolutely! We have gone to extra lengths to secure "MyStudio". SSL is employed, and additional security is embedded through our state of the art, cloud based platform. Each project is a walled fortress. No one gets in unless you invite them.

What file types can Session Logix work with?
All accepted music files are supported. (mp3, wav, aif, wma, ogg, Etc.)

What kind of music software can I use?
Whatever you choose. Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, Garage Band etc.

Am I protected when I post my music on Session Logix?
We assume you own the rights to the music and have the copyrights in place. In addition, "My Studio" is cloud based, very secure and unique to your project.

Can I do "Cover Music"?
We would prefer that you do not. Copyright protection is very important to us. You must get all proper licensing first, if you insist on doing any covers.

As a session player, do I give up the rights to any tracks I sell?
Yes, unless you negotiate otherwise, tracks you sell become the copyrighted property of the purchaser forever.

Can I modify a track presented to me by a player?
This type of thing should be negotiated between you and the session player.

Why can I only upload MP3s to a project?
We are doing our best to keep costs down for you and protect your work. However, you will of course, be able to get your final track in whichever file type you and the track provider have agreed upon.

When editing my project, I cannot update my track; Why is that?
We are doing our best to keep costs down. Posting your project is free. So, it only takes a couple of minutes to re-post your project with updated tracks. Doing this keeps the data cost down so we can continue to offer this fantastic service for free. Just cancel your existing project and post the updated track. We hope you understand and we are sorry for the small inconvenience.

What about refunds?
Unfortunately, due to everything being digital content, all sales are final. However, if there is an issue of copyright/fraud, et cetera, please contact us with all available details.